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Av. Fued José Sebba, LT 5A – Qd. 1 a 25 – Jardim Goiás  – Goiânia, GO
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Career Objective : Business and International Logistics

Professional Profile :

  • Career developed during 18 years working at national and multinational companies in various industrial and service segments, coordinating teams in the area of imports, exports and international logistics with a background in international trading operations of purchase/sales, Manaus Duty Free Zone, Brazilian Central Bank, Dry Port, customs clearance, bonded warehouse and partnerships with companies from Latin American, Europe and USA;   
  • Responsible for prospecting and opening of new customers in the companies from Latin America, Asia and Africa as well as administration of international contracts of sales and purchases and temporary exports;
  • Continuous development of new suppliers of raw materials, spare parts, freight forwarders and customs brokers; Wide knowledge of import and export logistics process aiming an expressive reduction of costs for the company by combination of air, sea, road and railway freight + port and consolidation of cargoes;
  • Expertise in follow-up the whole process of import and export along with the customs broker (D.I, L.I., R.E., D.D.E, etc) in the different customs in order to speed up the customs process;
  • Obtainment of Ex-Tarifario process with Abimaq and Camex for € 35 million of equipments, Pexpam/Drawback and Back to Back operation with the Brazilian central bank and the Brazilian governmental entities; Complete information of taxes for import and export by air, sea and road with tariff code classification (NCM) and final estimate cost for the process;
  • Good computer skills and familiarity with Microsiga, SAP, Magnus, ALICE – Brazilian International Trade Information Analysis and up-to-date Office package;
  • Several courses focusing the International Trade affairs as : International Contract of Import and Export, Pexpam 2010, Drawback, Import Currency Exchange Operations, Tariff Code Classification (NCM), Letter of Credit, International Transportation, EMPRETEC (Sebrae) and others.

Education :

  • University Extension in Foreign Trade at “Gadsden State Community College” – Gadsden,AL -USA – 1995;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Trade by “Faculdade de Ciências Gerenciais da UNA” in Belo Horizonte, MG – Brazil
  • Internship at the “Gadsden Area Chamber of Commerce” – Gadsden, AL – USA – 1995
  • Intensive advanced business Italian language course at “Università per Stranieri di Perugia” – Italy – 2003;
  • Intensive advanced course of French language at “Alliance Française à Lyon et Toulouse” – France – 2013;

Languages :

  • English  : fluent – TOEIC Score : 800 in 990 points – done on January 12, 2015 – USA
  • Spanish : fluent – DELE – Diploma Superior de Español como Lengua Extranjera – University of Salamanca – Spain
  • French   : fluent – DELF B2 – Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française – Ministère de l’Éducation National de France
  • Italian   : fluent – CELI 3 – Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana – Università per Stranieri di Perugia – Italy

Experience Abroad :

  • Commercial visits to customers and suppliers in USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa and to 15 counties from Latin America with participation in exhibitions and internship in an American company;
  • Manager of Commercial Promotion at the Consulate of Argentina in Belo Horizonte for 2 year;

Professional Background :

* Since November 2013 (confidential company) medium-size company set in Goiânia-GO, Brazil
Import & Export Manager
  • Management of the global process of import and export of the company since the first contact with the client and/or supplier as negotiation of prices, delivery time, payment terms and shipment up to the conclusion of the business process;
  • Integrated logistics of import and export with negotiation of freights, programs of periodic deliveries with the suppliers and customers, freight forwarders, control of stock and foreign exchange transactions;
  • Prospecting of new suppliers and customers and development of new strategies for reducing the operational cost of the logistics process by taking part of national and international trade fairs;
  • Administration of international contracts of sales and purchases of goods and services;
* 2008 a 2013 – MESON Amazônia Ind. e Com. de Prod. de Telecomunicação Ltda.
Brazilian company of technologyLogistics Manager
International Sales Executive
  • Responsible for imports and global logistics of 200 items (€ 45 million) of equipments for the company´s new plant in Brazil and 11 key equipments on Ex-Tarifario system (€ 35 million);
  • Coordination and supervision of the customs processes with the customs broker, as well as the Brazilian Federal Revenue, Brazilian Central Bank and Suframa;
  • Management and monitoring of the process of import/export PEXPAM – Programa Especial de Exportação da Amazônia Ocidental;
  • Pricing of import and export with prospects and sales to clients of the international market;
  • Assistance and visits to the international customers for negotiation and presentation of business offers;
  • Lectures abroad about the products of the company and participation of international fairs;
  • Management of the import/export process with the suppliers and customers as well as the control of global logistics of the company at the Manaus Duty Free Zone;
* 2004 a 2007 – Novo Nordisk Produção Farmacêutica do Brasil Ltda.
Danish multinational company of pharmaceuticas producst
International Sales Executive
    • Responsible for imports and global logistics of 200 items (€ 45 million) of equipments for the company´s new plant in Brazil and 11 key equipments on Ex-Tarifario system (€ 35 million);
      ABIMAQ, CAMEX, DECEX and Brazilian Central Bank;
    • Management and negotiation with the governmental entities as Federal Revenue, Department of Agriculture,
    • Negotiate with European suppliers of machines and equipment, tariff code classification and exchange operations of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with the Brazilian Central Bank;
    • Saving of € 200,000.00 in the logistics process of imports by negotiation with suppliers, partners and claims on them;
    • Monitoring of the whole logistics process of importation since the pick up of the cargo at the suppliers site, shipment, customs clearance and arrival at the factory in Brazil;
    • Visits to suppliers abroad and participation in trade fairs;
* 2001 a 2003 – Porto Seco Centro-Oeste
Dry port company and customs station
Logistics and Foreign Trade Manager
  • Logistics and Foreign Trade Manager;
  • Responsible for increasing the volume of import/export cargo at Porto Seco Centro Oeste, which had been recently set up in the city of Anápolis, GO;
  • Import and export logistics support to customers in Goiás State and Federal District (Brasilia) with the objective of reducing costs for the customer companies and increase the volume of cargoes through Porto Seco Centro Oeste;
  • Promotion of the Dry Port Centro Oeste through marketing campaigns in business rounds in trade fairs;
  • Frequent commercial visits to customers giving them technical and logistics support on their import and export processes aiming their customs clearance inside the facilities of Dry Port Centro-Oeste;
  • Implementation of the project for cargo consolidation in Europe with the destination to the customs station of the Dry Port Centro Oeste and cost reduction for the local importers;
Personal Data : Brazilian, single, 51

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