Since his graduation he has been working in excellent companies that operates with InternationalTrade, beginning as a trainee at SCE – Serviços de Comércio Exterior (Belo Horizonte – Brazil) where he had contact to all the International Trade areas: import, export, airway, maritime, roadtransportations, currency exchange contracts, international transport insurance, State Departments,CAMEX, DECEX, Brazian Federal Revenew and customs authorities;

2004-2007 – Novo Nordisk Produção Farmacêutica do Brasil Ltda.
Danish multinational company of pharmaceutical products
* Import Manager


  • • Imports around 200 items with a sum of 45 million Euro in equipments to assemble the newfactory of the multinational in Brazil;
  • • Importation of 11 key-equipments on Ex-Tarifario System (35 million Euro) and monitoration ofthe whole process up to the publication of the ex-tarifario benefit;
  • • Conduction of deals with governmental agencies as Federal Revenew, Agriculture StateDepartment, ABIMAQ, CAMEX, DECEX and Brazilian central bank;
  • • Contact, negotiation and confirmation of the purchase orders with the foreign suppliers;
  • • Preparation of monthly reports for the board of directors, treasury and accounting departments;
  • • He reached a reduction of € 200,000.00 in the logistics process for imports through negotiationwith suppliers, partners and claims on them;
  • • Strategy of the entire logistics plan and follow up of the import process (air, sea and road) of allthe company cargoes;
  • • Import cost estimate for all the company departments with information of final price and deliverytime in the factory;
  • • Negotiation of special fees with customs agencies of dry ports, sea ports, railway and roadtransportation companies;
  • • Quotation and negotiation of freight fees on importation with sea agencies and air companies;
  • • Commercial visits to suppliers in Sweden, Argentina and Chile;
  • • Monitoration of the entire logistic process since the pick up of the material on the export factory,shipment, customs clearance and arrival at the factory;
  • • Frequent meetings with the customs officials on ports and dry ports for issues regarding to theimportation of the company;

2001-2003 – Porto Seco Centro-Oeste
Dry port company and customs station
* Logistics and Foreign Trade Manager


  • • Frequent visits to the clients of the Dry Port Centro Oeste giving them technical and logisticssupport about the import and export process with the purpose of using the customs house of theDry Port;
  • • Tariff code classification (NCM) of several products of the clients from Dry Port providing costestimate of the import/export process;
  • • Reception of foreign missions at Dry Port and representatives of companies in assembling at thesurrounding area and visits to the commercial sectors of several embassies in Brasília;
  • • Logistics advisor to the clients from the Dry Port on their import and export projects for differentproducts and means of transportation;
  • • Participation on trade fairs, lectures and conferences representing the Dry Port Centro-Oeste;
  • • Responsible for the Project Hamburg (consolidation of cargoes in containers at the harbour ofHamburg – Germany) together with companies of the pharmaceutical center of Anápolis, GO -Brazil;

1997-2001 – Kerry do Brasil Ltda.
Irish Multinational of food ingredients
* Import Analyst


    • • Import of all the raw materials, machines and equipments for the new factory in Brazil;
    • • Operations of exports Back-to-Back and import within the Drawback System;
    • • Responsible for the import and conduction of the process together with the Federal Revenew andDECEX for a second hand equipment provided by the sister-company in Ireland;
    • • Continuous development of new suppliers in different countries for supplying several rawmaterials used in the industry;
    • • Currency exchange with the Brazilian central bank for all the imports;
    • • Responsible for the project of container consolidation at Tilbury Port, in England, reaching anexpressive reduction of cost in the import process;
    • • Visits to suppliers in England and Netherlands;
    • • Participation in trade fairs of the food industry;
    • • Lecture at the AB Technology company in Northampton – England about the theme “How toExport to Brazil”;
    • • Dealing with governmental entities (Agriculture State Department, Brazilian central bank andFederal Revenew) about themes regarding to import process of the company;
    • • He achieved all the goals regarding to cost reduction defined by the board of directors on the import processes;


1996-1997 – Argentina Republic Consulate
Diplomatic Representation
* Manager of Sales Promotion


  • • Technical and logistics support to the Argentinean businessmen on their exports to thecompanies of Minas Gerais State;
  • • Organization of business rounds between businessmen from Argentina and Minas Gerais State;
  • • Import cost estimate of Argentinean products;
  • • Responsible for receiving and follow up of commercial missions of Argentinean businessmen tothe State of Minas Gerais;
  • • Definition of the logistics plans to export Argentinean products to the clients in Minas GeraisState;

1992-1995 – Laboratório Teuto Brasileiro Ltda.
Brazilian company producer of pharmaceutical products
* Procurement Supervisor / Imports


  • • Acquisition of all the goods and equipments for the factory;
  • • Negotiation of prices, deadlines, deliveries and terms with either national or internationalsuppliers;
  • • Quotation, negotiation and confirmation of import orders with foreign suppliers;
  • • Continuous development of national and international suppliers of raw materials and packagingmaterials;
  • • Visits to suppliers in the United States;
  • • Responsible for the definition of quarter shipments from foreign suppliers according to the flow ofthe factory;
  • • Participation in pharmaceutical fairs, emphasizing the FCE in Sao Paulo – Brazil;
  • • Reception and follow up on the visitors from foreign missions and technicians to the factory;
  • • Logistics of the entire import process since the pick-up of goods abroad until its customsclearance at the Brazilian port;
  • • Responsible for the tariff code classification of goods (NCM) and the estimate cost for theimported products;
  • • Contracting of exchange currency for imports;
  • • Contracting of international insurances with insurance companies;
  • • Supervision of the entire import process together with the custom broker at the ports andairports;
  • • Continuous prospective of potential clients in Latin America and Africa aiming export projects forpharmaceutical products;
  • • Administration of a joint-venture process with companies from England and South Korea;

1989-1992 – FASAL S/A Com. e Indústria de Produtos Siderúrgicos
Brazilian company processor of siderurgical products
* Export Analyst

Attributions :

  • • Analysis of Export Letters of Credit;
  • • Preparation of the documentation (Invoice, Packing list, and Origin Certificate) under therequirements of the Letter of Credit;
  • • Ship booking with the maritime companies;
  • • Preparation of R.E. – Registro de Exportação (Brazilian legal export document);
  • • Contact with all the customers abroad;
  • • Preparation of the shipment instructions for export shipments;
  • • Currency exchange for the export with the Brazilian central bank;
  • • Monitoration and coordination of the export shipments together with the customs broker at the ports;


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